Sunday, December 30, 2007

Everyone's Favorite Hat

Raul and I visited a yarn store yesterday, and he coveted this hat:

After some holding of yarn and hemming and hawing. A skein of bulky weight alpaca yarn was purchased, and after a brief tutorial,

Raul cast-on and was off to the races like a natural knitter! Check out his progress:

And this morning, we have a finished hat!

View from the top:

Pattern: Everyone's Favorite Hat by Fibertrends
Yarn: Blue Sky Bulky weight, 50% Alpaca and 50% wool in a gray colorway.
Needles: Size 15 circulars
Comments: Raul is a knitting champ! The yarn is amazing - super soft and luscious. The pattern is simple and makes a very warm hat, and Raul's version looks just like the model in the store. What a guy.


Raul said...

Oh, the memories! Casting off (or is it on?), stitching, bitching. It was a good time had by all! (F.Y.I. - A lot more mistakes were made while bitching and stitching simultaneously. I would recommend this only for the advanced knitters. Shannon ended up re-doing about half my stitches.)

homeinkabul said...

Dude, way to show me up.

I still haven't gotten past the 'square of knitted yarn' stage.

You two are a knitting powerhouse!

Anonymous said...

That is so cute, Benny!! More amazed every day by your many talents. Happy 2008 to both of you!!!
Love you

J.Po said...

I love knitting with Alpaca! I'm not allergic to it and it's so soft! Jiggity is getting his very own alpaca hat as soon as I get myself together. (I've pulled it 3 times, because I keep thinking I can knit without checking guage.)

AMAZING! And I have to say, I'm floored by the quality of Raul's first product. Most people produce unusable items their first time out of the gates. Way to go, Raul (and Shan-Shan).

J.Po said...

Hey - did you guys go to the caucuses yesterday? I'm so excited for your state's outcome!!!!

grandma lorrel said...

Really like that cap, is it like the one you will do for grandpa? You have been so busy, the two of you. Good luck with the results of your big exam. I have much faith that you did well Shannon.
Love you so much.

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