Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stardust Baby Shoes

So, things have been a little crazy here at casa E-C. In the next 3 months, we will graduate from med school, make a cross country move and start new jobs. Sounds exciting, huh? Yeah. We are neck-deep in home selling, apartment hunting, cross-country move arranging, car selling, car shopping (anyone have a good used one they want to sell us? I will sew/knit you something as a present.) And all while trying to feign enthusiasm on my remaining rotations. Stress suppression and denial are my current coping mechanisms. Working well so far, but I can't figure out why my neck and shoulders are so tense.

And I am contemplating buying a bike. Admittedly in the past, I have had difficulty navigating my being through space while on two wheels, so I don't know why I think buying a bike might be a good idea now. But it seems like it is an excellent alternative to driving and a faster way to travel than walking (my preferred mode of transportation.) Although the bike I want is fancy and not really appropriate for our budget. Hmmm.

Sewing and knitting are still going strong. I finished a sock and will hopefully have it's mate done and blog-ready soon. I also made another skirt and will post about it later tonight or tomorrow. For now, here are some baby shoes for dear friends (that just had a beautiful baby!)

Pattern - Stardust Cloth Baby Shoes
Size: One size (0-6 months)
Fabric - Scraps of embroidered linen and cotton and double-bonded fleece for the sole
Notions - fusible interfacing and 1/4" elastic
Comments: So Cute!!! And easy to make. I printed up the pdf of the pattern (see link above) cut out the pattern pieces and went to town. The interfacing and fabric I had in my stash, and the elastic and double-bonded fleece I picked up at Joann's for about $4. Have I mentioned how you can find total steals at Joann's? 40% off coupon people. And they have them in the stores for you to pick up before you check out!

Shoes are in the mail along with other goodies off to my friend. I will let you know how they fit!

Speaking of Fit, here is a photo of Raul's dream come true (car + alpaca.)

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Anonymous said...

So, it isn't car and alpaca, but my dear sister in law once put a llama in a Suburban. The llama left a certain smell, you might imagine. Soon after (no llama in car) she was pulled over for some minor offense. The officer was quite curious about the smell, which was somewhere between brewery and cannabis operation, I believe. She did manage to get away with only a warning, but I can't imagine what the officer made of her explanation. So anyhow, I think the convertible is a prudent choice if considering alpaca transport.

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