Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Self-Actualization: Achieved. Not!

Remember Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? Where organisms must first satisfy basic physiological needs before they are able to achieve higher goals (ie self-actualization.) My experiences in the last month have prompted me to recall this theory, primarily because I feel that strive as I might, I am repeatedly kicked back to the base of Maslow's pyramid. While traveling, Raul and I seemed to find ourselves repeatedly stranded and at the mercy of American Airlines. Such situations required that our efforts be focused primarily on obtaining food, shelter and warmth. Who has time for self-actualization when you cannot get home and you do not know where you're going to sleep that night? Saying this, I realize that I am quite fortunate that I do not routinely have to worry about not having adequate shelter or food or warmth.

Another thing that I am happy to take for granted is electricity. An ice storm hit the Midwest this week, and our block was without power yesterday and today for about 20 hours. Raul was a super sport and volunteered to brave the ice-covered sidewalks to hunt and gather up our anniversary dinner (that he was able to procure from a local Thai restaurant.) We ate dinner in our headlamps surrounded by candles, and then thought about playing games (photo below) but decided that it was dark, and we were tired and went to bed. It was 6:45pm. People must have been well-rested in the pre-artificial light days.

Life is much better with hot water and heat! Here's to hoping for a steady supply of both in our lives (along with shelter and food) so that we may get on to bigger and better things, like climbing Maslow's pyramid.

Photo of ice covered street:

Close-up of ice covered tree:

Nothing says happy anniversary like a game of cribbage by light of headlamp!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos!(better in picture, I'm sure, than living through it) I can't even imagine what it must be like without heat or electricity for 20 hrs. brrrr....will never complain about how cold it is in San Diego.

Keep warm! Love you

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