Saturday, February 2, 2008

Entrelac Socks


Raul's self-portrait:

Pattern - Annetrelac Socks from Interweave Knits 2007 Holiday issue
Yarn - Trekking XXL in brown/orange/cream varigated colorway (#163) purchased at Little Knits
Needles - Size 2 Addi Turbo circs (the pattern called for size 1s, but I used the larger needle to get a larger, manfoot-sized sock.)
Comments - The pattern calls for Schaeffer Anne yarn, but I had the Trekking in my stash and it had similar yardage (400+ yards). The entrelac cuff uses a significant amount of yarn, and I was worried about running out of yarn while knitting these socks. As a result, the foot of one of them turned out a little too short. It may stretch with wear, or I could always frog the toe and add some length with the little bit of yarn that I have leftover. I also goofed on the last round of the cuff, and it turned out a little bit wonky - apparently, I left out a row of blocks, though had I read the pattern correctly, I definitely would have run out of yarn. All in all, a fun pattern and an excellent introduction to entrelac! And the yarn was wonderful to work with - very soft, yet sturdy!


Lorrel said...

I think only you knew the little mistakes that were made. I surely couldn't see them from looking at the picture of Raul's handsome feet and legs. That must have been pretty scary thinking you would run out of yarn. Usually the left foot is smaller than the right one so Raul could always wear the smaller sock on his left foot. :-) The socks are very awesome.

Love ya.

homeinkabul said...

I agree, I think only you could see the mistakes - I couldn't tell at all.

Raul is branching out with his modeling. Has he been watching America's Next Top Model, which was my favorite show when I was in the us?

Anonymous said...

The socks are beautiful!! Raul has my sincere envy.

Best wishes on your birthday.



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