Sunday, September 2, 2007

February Baby Sweater

This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman classic from her Knitter's Almanac.

February Baby Sweater:

Button Detail:

Pattern: February Baby Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Louet Gems light worsted weight in color 'fern green'
Buttons: Falling leaves wooden buttons from JoAnn's. The buttons were sold in a multi-pack of normal leaf shapes (as used on sweater) and maple leaves (as used on hat.) Given the name of the baby, I would have loved to use the maple leaf shaped buttons on the sweater, but a test run proved them to be a nightmare to get in and out of the little knitted buttonholes. I think the others look cute, and they are much more functional.
Needles: Size 7 circular for the body and 4 size 7 double-pointed needles (dpns) for the sleeves
First, the yarn was a dream to work with. It is very soft, and machine washable and dryable. And the best part - I was lucky enough to find it on sale at the best yarn shop ever. I would definitely recommend this yarn for baby knits or any other projects.
As has been done by other knitters previously, I made the pattern seamless by using dpns for the sleeves. As I am a devoted 2 circular needles type of girl for sock knitting, it as been a long time since I have had the need to use double-pointed needles. At first, I felt a little like Edward Scissorhands making these sleeves, but I quickly became comfortable using dpns again and all was well. Also, the pattern calls for a row of decreases before the rows of garter stitch at the bottom of the sweater. I accidentally left out the row of decreases and ended up with a sort of baby swing coat. A friend with children assured me that despite it's wideness, it would fit a baby's dimensions and could even be worn as a smock with a little summer dress by a 3 year old. Talk about versatility! Anyways, this was my first Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, and I am in love. I have plans to make a couple other of her baby sweaters for other friends that are expecting, and her designs for adults are beautiful as well.

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That is soooo adorable!!! I never cease to be impressed by your talent and creativity...

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