Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Weather Is Not My Friend

Raul and I just got back from a belated anniversary celebration at the place where we were married in Big Sur. It was WONDERFUL! And it provided me with a much needed attitude adjustment. So, as much fun as it has been to throw myself a never-ending pity party these past several months re: school and the match and traveling and not really remembering why I did this in the first place, I am so over it. And I am super excited to match - I feel like life is finally starting!

But no worries - I have not given up complaining! Are you ready for my latest rant? It's against the weather - over the past several months, we've experienced several ice storms and snow storms and thick fog that grounds airplanes. And yesterday, California reminded us that it's not all sunshine and happiness by allowing us the opportunity to experience the monsoon that was working its way down the CA coast. It made for a very exciting trip back to San Jose. For evidence, see photo below (photo taken from inside car.)

I had forgotten what strong winds such storms can generate. We came upon several closed roads due to fallen trees and downed powerlines. And multiple car accidents - it was actually reminiscent of all the cars that run off the road here in Iowa during a snow storm. Scary.

Unfortunately, our vacation required us to miss out on caucusing. Too bad because I have heard it is a very interesting (though time consuming) experience, and supposedly some of the campaign groups offer really excellent treats. We are happy with the outcome though. Hope rocks.

And a quick note to my brothers and SIL - thank you for the most awesomest present ever (but no disrespect meant to other presents.) They gave me a gift certificate to Knit Picks - so that I may buy yarn and needles and knitting accessories at my leisure. And yes, I have spent more hours than I would like to admit looking through both the paper catalogue and online store revising my shopping list. Very exciting. Thank you!!

And speaking of knitting, I have two FOs to show you - and only 5 days into the new year!


grandma lorrel said...

Happy Anniversary and have a wonderful 2008. I know it will be full of great experiences for the two of you. Much love.

homeinkabul said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see the new finished objects. You're so inspiring.

Glad you made it through the nasty weather - yuck!!

J.Po said...

You chose the wrong time to be in Nor Cal! We had such craze-tastic weather over the weekend! I'm sad to think how close I was to you without seeing you - but so glad to hear you got some time alone together to celebrate! WOO-HOO!

And yes, hope rocks indeed. I personally have *hope* that Obama will maintain his steam through super Tuesday. That's when I get my say in the matter!

(BTW - I was reading about the Iowa Caucus and it sounds downright weird. I hope I get to see one someday!)

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