Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hand-dyed yarn (Part two)

Here are some more details re: my attempt at hand-dying yarn. For your enjoyment and to help me remember what I did the next time around.

So, as previously mentioned, I used this tutorial. I soaked all four skeins in 3/4 cup vinegar/skein overnight (with enough water added to completely submerge yarn.) The next morning, I drained off the vinegar water and followed the instructions for the 'cold pour' and 'hot pour' methods to the letter. I used a mix of Koolaid and liquid food coloring for the dye.

Here's a shot of one of the 'hot pours' in a crockpot:

Note - I used my old round crockpot as well as my friend's oval crockpot (pictured.) The dye was much more even using the oval crock.

Shots of the cold pour:

Ready to bake.

Shots of drying yarn:

Hello. I am beautiful yarn, basking in the sun.

A shot of a very enthusiastic helper in this adventure:

And what am I going to make with all this hand-dyed yarn, you ask? Well, I think I am going to make some of these. The pattern is available free at her website, and supposedly non-superwash wool is the best type of fiber for soakers - something about superior moisture-wicking abilities. I may give them to friends that are using cloth diapers instead of disposable, or I may keep them for the child that Raul and I aspire to have (we are waiting for financial independence and normal working hours - we are assured that these will both one day be a reality.) Yay for demanding professional careers.

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