Monday, December 3, 2007

Update: American Airlines is not my hero

They caused me serious anxiety as they sent my bags with all my clothes (including my interview clothes) on a sightseeing trip of the Midwest. American did pony up $100 to allow us to buy undergarments, toiletries and other necessities yesterday after our bags had been MIA for over 24 hours. Their offer of $100 prompted a frantic shopping spree at Target late last night. No worries though - our bags arrived sometime in the night, and I was able to dress in my finest attire this morning. Though today during my interview day, many a resident and applicant looked me over and asked if I had bought my suit at Target. Thanks jerks.

Did you know the Pittsburgh airport has a mall inside of it? There is an overpriced Gap and two Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops.

Our flight is delayed. I hope we get home tonight. And off to Portland early tomorrow AM! Maybe I will go have a milkshake.

Goodnight and wish me luck!


mlorrel said...

Oh Shan Shan I'm so sorry for all the crap you are having to go through. Someday you will laugh over it. Hopefully. I love you.

homeinkabul said...

Yeesh, that sounds like so much stress. I'm sending you both my good vibes & prayers. Oh, and you've always been a great dresser.

J.Po said...

Oh my word! That's just awful. Thing is, AA isn't the only horrible airline. I cannot think of a one I've traveled on in the last several years that HASN'T screwed up in some major way.

Sounds like it mostly worked out for you, though! I'm sure you look like you shop at Saks, not Target. Knock them dead!

J.Po said...

And BTW, Portland is supposed to be a lovely place to live. I'd move there in a heartbeat. But from a selfish perspective, I hope you end up in Sacramento!

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