Monday, December 10, 2007

New Spring in my Step

Admittedly, there was a time when I did not think that I would ever be able to leave Pittsburgh, but no worries - we eventually made it to Portland and had a wonderful time. I had an entire day there to myself while Raul was off interviewing, and I made the most of it. I visited a very cool fabric shop where I found this fabric:

to make a 'Follow the Lines Baby Quilt'. The floral print will be the front (the part that I will handquilt), and the more solid print will serve as both the backing and binding around the edges. Now I have a reason to use the beautiful quilting hoop that was recently gifted to me by my grandma.

Then I meandered down to a store that I was destined to find, Clogs and More. There I was able to find a pair of shoes that Raul will give me for Christmas. Lucky him (and me)! And while in the shop, the store clerk took my old Danskos off my feet and resoled them. Talk about service!

And then we finally made it back home, and we are reunited with the cat and dog. The dog is having some GI issues (per usual, poor guy). Because we are diligent med students (and slightly hypervigilant) we noted his urine output was poor and got some IV fluids from the vet and gave him a subcutaneous fluid bolus. He is much better now.

Finally, here is a picture of Raul doing exciting things with his facial hair:

PS - tomorrow is our one year wedding anniversary!


homeinkabul said...

Really pretty fabric and Happy Anniversary!!

Raul, did you go to the interviews like that? Because that is a sassy (yet manly) mustache.

Harlem Mama said...

Happy Anniversary!
That fabric. I'm in love with it!
I read your grandma's comments earlier so I know she's super excited about your quilting passion. I'm going to try it one of these days. I've been saying it for years, but your posts are making me want to seriously get on the ball about it. LOVE the fabric, did I say that already?
(doggie ER, too cute!)

Lorrel said...

I know the fabric is going to be so much fun to quilt. What a great choice you made to start with. Did you get some quilting needles and thread also? Are you going to use white thread or did you get blue? Hope you have a good thimble and be prepared to be punctured a few times. I wanted to make sure I got all the way through the fabric and batting so I had little pin-holes in my finger every time I quilted. Wonder what would happen now because of the coumadin? Blood everywhere, yuk. Lookin' good Raul. Love you guys.

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