Sunday, December 2, 2007

American Airlines is my Hero

Well, not really because Raul is my hero, but American Airlines is a close second today. Want to hear our story - it's a good one! We have packed about 15 interviews into the month of December - it was fun to make the schedule, kind of like a game of Tetris. But it hasn't been so fun to be the person that has to stick to it. In the past week, I was in San Diego, LA and Sacramento. Good news is that I loved the programs in LA and Sacramento as did Raul, so there is a good chance that we are California bound. On Saturday, we were supposed to catch a flight from San Diego to home, and then on Sunday we were flying from home to Pittsburgh for interviews on Monday. An ice storm with freezing rain prevented us from going home, so we flew from San Diego to Pittsburgh. So, technically we missed our flight from home to Pittsburgh this morning - resulting in mass confusion among airline administrators that required 90 minutes on the phone and the help of a super genius from American Airlines to sort out. Thank you American Airlines.

Oh, and our bags have yet to make it to Pittsburgh.

And to add further insult to injury, we are scheduled to arrive home late Monday night, and we're leaving for Portland, OR on Tuesday morning. Note to self - perceiving interview scheduling like a game of Tetris is a bad idea.

Raul's sweater is finished and fits! I will post pictures once I am home and have access to a camera.


Anonymous said...

Yeeesh! That's alot of traveling Take your vitamin C, okay?

- homeinkabul

mlorrel said...

It's kinda scary that you are going to Oregon because I think it's dumping rain up there, at least in Seattle. I can imagine that you will be very happy when you can finally get home, get your dog, and relax some. I love you

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