Saturday, February 24, 2007


Welcome to my attempt at blogging. This is my attempt to keep interested parties (namely my grandma) up to date on current crafting activities. Old and new projects will be documented here as well as any exciting life events. Presently, all excitement (anxiety is the more appropriate term) in life involves the weather. Tonight, Raul and I were scheduled to see Delerium in Ames, IA. The ice storm that came to Iowa this weekend had other plans. We had been looking forward to this show for months, so we weathered the storm and drove up to Ames on Saturday. I distracted myself with knitting during the drive - Raul told me later about the 9+ cars he saw along the way that had run off the road. After we arrived (without incident!) the freezing rain turned to snow, and it started to come down really hard. Raul and I were were debating on whether or not we should take a cab or walk the 3 miles in the blizzard to the show when we called the arena and were informed that the show had been canceled and rescheduled for the next day. Having grown up in California, these Midwestern winters continue to amaze me. Who knew that you could wake up one winter morning and find everything covered in ice (including the roads), and did you know that the cold weather can make your car battery not charge? I slipped on the same patch of ice in my drive way several days in a row this last week - not because I didn't see it....I guess I was expecting it to be wet, not icy. You think I would learn, but no - perhaps it's a sign that I am not cut out for such cold weather. Anyways, we're snowed/iced in at a hotel in Ames - it seems everyone is staying in except for the pizza delivery guys. It could be worse - apparently people in my neighborhood in Iowa City lost power, and I get to hang out in a hotel with Raul eating pizza and watching the Back to the Future trilogy. I'm happy. And in the future, we're making no advance plans (ie purchasing expensive Cirque du Soleil tickets) for events scheduled during winter months.

So, here are some past projects:

Raul's Jaywalkers: These Jaywalkers were knitted with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in color Life's a Beach on size 2 Addi Turbos. Here is a link to the pattern.

Hilary's slippers - I knit these with various shades of Cascade 220 (combined with eyelash yarn trim around the cuff) using the Fibertrends double-soled slipper pattern.

As you can see from my choice of backdrops (Greta's carrier and nasty drapes in a gross Des Moines apartment), my photography skills need some work.

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