Saturday, March 8, 2008


January's Rockin Sock Club socks are finished!

Please excuse the pasty, white legs. We are in the middle of an unending winter.

Star toe - up close and personal.

Pattern: Serendipity by Adrienne Fong in size medium
Yarn: Dragon Dance by Socks that Rock (January Rockin Sock Club installment)
Comments: I really love these socks. The yarn is gorgeous, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colorway. Initially, I had some problems with the pattern...On the first sock, when I switched from the ribbing to the lace pattern for the cuff, the yarn started to pool. I tried going up (and then down) needle sizes to no avail. Then I left the project unattended on the couch for a few minutes, and the cat chewed through the strand of yarn connecting the sock on the needles and the ball. I started over and voila! no pooling. Thanks Greta! I also did not really love the pattern at the start - stripes over lace are weird to me, and I thought the pattern would go better with a solid color yarn. However, I love the finished product, and I think the pattern and the color really complement each other. I did an extra half pattern repeat for a longer cuff, and on the next pair, I would make the cuff even a little longer. The heel is a short row heel (thank goodness for all the previous practice!) and it's my new favorite heel. The toe is a star toe (as you can see above), very comfy and pretty. I wore these socks to the hospital on Monday, and I was happy every time I looked down at my feet. In the past, I really have not kept too many of my handmade items for myself. These days, everything I make seems to be for me. And it's awesome!

Exciting preview - Barcelona skirts are finished! Love it! Pictures tomorrow!

7 weeks to go!


Lorrel said...

I really like those socks Shannon. It's very interesting to me when you write about how they were made.
Grandpa and I have the flu. Not fun at all. I am missing the Cowboy Poetry Gala tonight but grandpa was feeling better so he went. So much coughing that my ribs are so sore ans well as my ab muscles. Thursday and Friday I ached pretty badly. Had to call off seminary. I don't want anyone to catch this from us.
Much love to you.

homeinkabul said...

Hi Mrs. Lorell! I'm so sorry about both of you having the flu!

Hey Shannon,

I really like the pattern and the red. I think they turned out wonderfully! I am also intrigued by the 'barcelona skirt'. Can't wait to see them!

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