Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ribbons Baby Blanket

Here are the specs:
Pattern - Fiber Trends Ribbons Baby Blanket purchased at LYS (local yarn shop).
Needles - Size 8 circular, brand Denise Interchangeables - these are great needles. As your project grows, you can add length to your circular needles.
Yarn - worsted weight acrylic blends (in variegated pink, solid pink and burgundy) all obtained from Grandma L's stash.

So, completing this blanket was really a battle against boredom. It seemed to drag on forever. However, I am happy with the finished project, and I was able to use several balls from the stash on this project. Mom, Dad and Myriam - no need to make any immediate plans to move near us, there are no grandchildren on the immediate horizon. Sorry to disappoint. If and when we do ever get to have kids, I really hope they like pink.


grandma said...

Very interesting how the blanket turned out with the colors going like they did. Is it very soft? Looks great. Love you bunches.

Shannon said...

I'll have to show you the blanket in person sometime, Grandma. It looks better in real life. It is soft - especially the varigated yarn stripes.

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