Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Storm Water Shawl

Completed! And it only took me two short years! I started this shawl before my wedding with the intention of wearing it with my wedding dress. Obviously, this did not happen. Too bad because it was really cold on my wedding day and my dress had no sleeves. Pobrecita. I picked the shawl up again last summer to wear at my brother's wedding. Also didn't happen, and I put it down again only to pick it back up last month with the intention of wearing it on an Alaskan cruise this June. And lo and behold, this time I actually FINISHED IT. Joy of joys. It's beautiful, too. Take a look.

Hello. I am a beautiful shawl, basking in my golden glory.

Batwing shot.

Pattern: Stormwater Shawl
Yarn: Handmaiden Seasilk (70% silk, 30% Seacell (seaweed) in color straw
Needles: Size 6 bamboo circulars
Comments: The pattern - well, lace shawls are definitely an exercise in perseverance. This wasn't a quick knit, but I love the pattern. As a friend said, it is both delicate and substantial. Very pleased. I continued knitting until I almost ran out of yarn, and I am very happy with the finished measurements (25" x 80"), but if I had it do to over, I would have made the shawl a little wider. The yarn - LOVE it! Silk and seaweed, who could ask for more? Seriously, it's 3-ply so there was minimal splitting, and the yarn was wonderful to work with. After blocking, there was a definite seaweed/green tea aroma to the yarn, quite pleasing. The needles - so, I can definitely appreciate the benefits of sharp, metal lace needles after working this shawl up on my bamboo circs. I will be using some metal needles for my next lace project (that I will likely start soon and have finished in 2010, but don't hold your breath.) Blocking was really a bit of a pain, but the pattern opened up beautifully. I followed Eunny Jang's tutorial on blocking - a great resource for novice blockers. Next time, forget the pins, I am going to use wires when blocking a rectangular shawl! Now, I am going to have to zealously guard against any sort of moisture touching this yarn - do not want to repeat blocking process.

Now, let's talk about Raul. His (not so) secret dream for the better part of a year has been to get the dog a pack, so Flynn could carry his food and water and other necessities when we take him on hikes. Well, today Raul spotted such a pack at a local pet store, and his brother graciously agreed to purchase said pack as a graduation present for him. Thank you, Ed, for making Raul's dreams come true.

Thanks Uncle Ed. I can't wait to go on a hike and carry my own food and water and all the other stuff my dad decides to throw into these excessively roomy pouches.


homeinkabul said...

sooooo pretty, you should be proud of yourself for finishing it!

Lorrel said...

Love the shawl and it's just perfect for you. You did a lovely job on it. Like the way you have it draped in the first picture. Great job!!!!!!

One more day and we get to see your bro. Grandpa said he called and he will be teaching at the same school as Ryan. I am sooooo happy for him.

Love ya,

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