Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hello Bonnet

I have been wanting to knit this pattern for some time, and I was quite excited to realize that I had enough yarn left over from the sweater (see above) for a little baby bonnet.

Pattern: Top Down Bonnet from Hello Yarn
Yarn: Louet Gems light worsted weight yarn in color 'fern green'
Needles 5 size 7 double-pointed needles
Comments: This was a very easy knit, and it's cute!

View from the front as modeled by iPal:

View from the side with Stay On Baby Booties:

Button detail:

Flynn modeling bonnet:


grandma lorrel said...

Oh I love the booties and the cap/hat and the beautiful sweater. It seems like you truly enjoyed knitting them too. You are sooooooo good. How neat your descriptions and willingness to share patterns, ideas, etc. Who are those lovely folks in the picture by the cap/hat?????? :-) Love that green, what a great color for a baby.
Love you girl.

HiK said...

What a pretty bonnet/sweater combo. I'm enjoying the fact that Flynn is your model :)

Shannon said...

Grandma - I was wondering if you would notice that you can see that photo of you and grandpa in those two bonnet shots. Thanks for the compliments.

HiK - I really think that Flynn enjoys being the model. : )

Anonymous said...

Flyn looks adorable!! Can't wait to meet him...

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