Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happier Times

Thank you for the kind words and support re: the previous post. As I have been told in conversations with others about my experience, death is an inevitable part of life. And it is the duty of loved ones to provide the fanfare that I felt was lacking in my observation of a stranger's death. However, I am still struck by how fleeting and fragile life is. It would seem that if everyone had such an understanding then maybe life would be appreciated a little more and maybe the world would be better off. Who knows? But I am alive, and I am glad, and I am onto happier times.

Today I found a small slice of heaven in a nearby town famous for its large Amish population. Raul and I are enjoying the rare treat of vacation, and we took a trip today to this town for lunch (excellent!) and to see the sights. Raul is really a good sport - this town is also known as a quilters' paradise, and he volunteered in advance to accompany me to my fill of yardage shops. I found a yarn corner in one of these shops, and in this corner, there were some drop spindles and wool roving for handspinning wool. OK, so I read the blogs of several people that produce handspun yarn and maybe I have watched some online tutorials about how to spin yarn with a drop spindle, secretly hoping that one day, I would own my own spindle and spin my own yarn. Well, today was that day, people! When I expressed an interest in the drop spindle to the store clerk, a chain of events was initiated that resulted in my getting a private lesson in handspinning! Yes, I am making yarn! Very exciting, and here is a picture of me spinning at home and one of the roving and the spindle:

There is another project that I cannot seem to get out of my head lately. It is a quilt. Specifically, this quilt:

It is from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. Isn't it beautiful? I have yet to start quilting, but I think I may have to start so I can make this quilt! The author has a fabric store in NYC that sells the fabric to make the color wheel.

Any suggestions for any other time-consuming hobbies that I can obsess about?


grandma lorrel said...

Wow Shannon, you are continuing to live life to the fullest and I say go for it girl! Making yarn!! The fairly new desire to quilt!! Awesome. I do love that quilt too. Looks like a wall hanging????
By the way, I have a round quilting
frame. It's like a big embroidery hoop on a stand. I saw it somewhere and couldn't stand the prospect of it being thrown away so I have it in my garage. Do you by any chance want that?
Much love to you.

your roomie said...

Yay! quilt quilt! I want you to quilt and then teach me. Quilts are so beautiful...almost as nice as my sassy red slippers.

your college roomie said...

Yay! quilt quilt! I want you to quilt and then teach me. Quilts are so beautiful...almost as nice as my sassy red slippers.

Shannon said...

hello my dear college roomie! Thank you for the kind words and the gratuitous slipper pics! When I learn to quilt, I will totally pass on the knowhow!

Grandma - please save the quilting hoop for me, I would love to have it!

Amanda said...

I say, make the quilt! Its so pretty. I love handmade quilts. Glad to hear you are on to happier times. Your such a strong person, and very inspirational to me! Love you Shannon! We missed you guys during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Harlem Mama said...

That is SO beautiful. I went browsing that site and just fell in love. I want that quilt! Making it on the other hand, I'm not that ambitious yet.
all the best,
(friend of friend of college roomie)

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