Wednesday, July 9, 2008


OMG! What kind of sadist puts motion sensing lights in a call room? Really? Who needs the lights to go on everytime you roll over in bed when you're only getting a couple hours of sleep? And how funny is the wikipedia definition of a call room? It must have been written by a resident - someone well acquainted with working herself to the point of exhaustion.

Call is fun by the way. I like psychiatry, and I am liking this city much more. The dog is still happy as a clam in mud, and the cat's doing better - at least she's been urinating exclusively in her litter box.

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hmmd said...

couldn't find wiki's call room definition, but i think any proper thesaurus would reveal that the UIHC cardiology call room is synonymous with "walk in refrigerator", "ice box", and "arctic tundra". saved last night only by lovely handknit ankle socks!!!

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