Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So, life here is way different from Iowa City. Overwhelmingly so. So many people everywhere, all the time. So many cars everywhere, all the time. I walked from one hospital to another the other day, and the route I took required that I cross 4 different interstate on-ramps and off-ramps. It was kind of terrifying. I don't think I am ever going to walk that route again. Even if it is shorter. Though there are some cool things about LA. Like my family. I have seen them so much since I've been out here, and that has been wonderful. The food is really good. The farmers' markets are phenomenal. And the weather isn't so bad. : )

Raul and I started residency last Tuesday, and it is going well. It's busy. We both have to take overnight call (where you have to stay overnight in the hospital to handle any problems with your patients and to take any new admissions) once or twice a week. We don't get to see each other as much as we used to, and I miss him, but we're getting used to it.

I took my first overnight call in the hospital last week. It was an interesting and overwhelming experience. And terrifying. I survived, and by the early morning (I got my last admission at 2am), I was actually having fun.

Raul is doing well. He's saving babies in the Pediatric ICU. I think we could all take some lessons from him on how to handle stress and to leave work at work.

The dog is loving it here along with all the attention he's getting from my frequently visiting family. And he doesn't have to sleep in his kennel anymore - we moved his dog bed next to our bed. He's a happy camper. The cat, not so much. She really misses Iowa City, and her cat door that provided her with constant access to the great wild outdoors. She's been going to the bathroom in places other than her cat box. Those of you with cats know that this is not a good thing. I've started letting her outside when I'm home, and she seems to be doing a little better. I bought her a cat bed today, and I think she likes it.

ETA: I later found out that Greta was not nesting in her new bed. She was urinating in it.

Slowly, but surely, we're getting there.

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Lorrel said...

That Greta, she cracks me up. Well at least maybe she will urinate in one place????? After being in southern California yesterday I can understand your having to make adjustments. Was I ever happy to head up to good ole Bishop even though the valley was filled with smoke from the fires on the other side of the Sierras. Guess the traffic and so many people as you mentioned are what is hard to adjust to. And it blows me away, we ask a guy working at a service station where a particular street was and he didn't know. It was about four blocks away!!!!!!! I'm confident that time will help and you will get somewhat used to your new life.
Love you guys!

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