Monday, July 14, 2008

Ode to the Roomba

For years, Raul has wanted to buy a Roomba. Our former house was small without much carpet, so I resisted. Now, our place is covered in carpet - light beige carpet, too. And us with a cat and big black dog that love to shed. I finally relented, and Raul purchased a Roomba about two weeks ago. It's effect on our lives has been profound. Every morning, it wakes itself up, runs around our house vacuuming, and when it is done, it puts itself back to bed in its charger. It's magic. Roomba, thank you for your vigilence in keeping our floors free of dog and cat hair, and thank you for allowing me to spend my free time knitting and not vacuuming. We heart the Roomba.


Ruby Banshee said...

Now I want a Roomba, and I don't have a stitch of carpet.

Lorrel said...

Guess I'm a little jealous. :-) I still can't comprehend just how they work so effeciently. I'm very happy that you have it, not my favorite job, vacumning. Such a great help to you with your animals. Love you two.

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