Thursday, July 17, 2008

Knits in the Works

So, you may thank the blogger option of 'scheduling' posts (ie having an entry post automatically several days after writing it for all these recent entries.) Yay for the magic of the internet and computer programming!

So here is a view at what I've got on the needles.

First up, the sweetheart vest. It's for my grandma for her birthday.

So, you might notice that I omitted the white stripe running through pink section because I could not find this yarn in that white colorway. I think it looks ok.

Now, tailgate rag rug from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I'm using 4 strands of the worsted weight peaches and cream held together and the contrast rows are knitted from 1" strips of fabric I had in my stash. I accidentally left this project on the living room floor the other night, and it had an unfortunate incident with the Roomba in the morning. Luckily, Raul was able to extricate Rooma from tangled yarn web; Roomba was unscathed and tailgate rag rug sustained minor injuries that will be easily mended.

1 comment:

Lorrel said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday but it didn't work for some reason. Love the vest Shannon, as usual you are doing a superb job on it. Hey don't rush it if it's too big a deal to get it finished for my Bday.
I love you two.

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