Monday, October 22, 2007

Raymond's Nut Brown Ale

My brother is becoming a brewster! He made some nut brown ale and was kind enough to pass along some of the yield. Here is the brew post-pour into frosty pint glasses (Angels lunchbag in background to mourn lack of Angels in WS):

Careful analysis of flavor profile:

Final analysis: a hoppy ale with a moderate amount of bitterness and no unpleasant notes or aftertastes. Remember people, I was trained in this sort of thing in my former life, and Raymond, I must say that you have a hit! Very excited to see/taste your future creations.


1 comment:

Raymond said...

Gracias, Hermana.

I'm glad you enjoyed the beer. And, since it was Raul that turned me on to brewing, bottles from every batch will be arriving on your doorstep.

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