Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where My Stitches At?

I am finally a member! Ravelry is like Facebook for knitters - you can post pictures and details of your finished objects, works in progress, yarn stash and much more. I have not uploaded my info up yet - I think that might take some time, but I have surfed other's projects and patterns, and I found some great stuff. Including a limited edition T-shirt that reads, 'Where my stitches at?' If you are interested, you should sign up for the waiting list for an invitation - or wait because soon it will be open to the general public, and you will be able to join without invitation.

In other news - I finished my 2 weeks on Anesthesia, and I am happy to report that my IV starting skills have improved dramatically. I was getting them on the first try with no mess! Not hard - just takes practice. And on Monday, I start 4 weeks in the Medical Intenstive Care Unit (MICU). And Raul and I have received many interview invitations (some even in CA!) We are very excited and will keep you posted!

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grandma lorrel said...

So happy that you are getting invites to CA!!!! I'm also really happy that you have taken up knitting and are doing so well with it. And you always seem to want to help others and give an encouraging word whenever you can. There's no stopping you girl. Go for it. Happy that you got the IV thing down, now more adventure.
Much, much love

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