Monday, October 8, 2007

Human Pretzel

I became a human pretzel in my yoga class tonight. We did this:

It was kind of painful.

Life is getting better on the IV-starting front. I got one on Friday on my second try - an on a conscious patient no less! Unfortunately, I managed to get blood everywhere - all over the floor, the IV tubing, the supply bucket, my scrubs, the patient's hand. Embarrassing, but an improvement nonetheless! And progress enough to spare Raul the joy of being a human pin cushion. Lucky guy.


David said...

Doctors aren't real good at giving shots or doing IVs anyway Sweetie. So don't sweat it too much. It is good news about Raul's reprieve for being your human pin-cushion though. The worst shot I have ever received was given to me by a doctor. I have alway wanted to try Yoga, but now I don't think so, looks very painful.
I love you,

grandma lorrel said...

I'm proud of you for doing the yoga thing. Tis good to stay agile unlike this person. Keep it up!

Much, much love.

Anonymous said...

I am always wary of an inexperienced phlebotomist. Unfortunately this means most MDs since they have so much else on their plates.

Curious to hear how Raul did on his handling of the comments on his study.

I would not attempt that yoga pose. Getting my lower arm to the level of my waist is painful enough. Linking it with the upper one is very much a non-starter.

Best wishes and love from your other Dad alias Dad-in-law.

Amanda said...

I took a phelbotomist class once, so I feel your pain. I did the same when I drew his blood. He was conscious as well and about to go into surgery. I spilled blood everywhere. But luckily, he was a sweatheart about it. Have you been taking yoga for long. I would love to start taking classes. I've taken a few and loved them. Can you believe how sore you get the next day?

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