Thursday, November 8, 2007


Greetings from the interview trail! We are just starting out - Raul and I have had about two interviews each. I have interviewed here and at the University of Michigan, and next week, we are off to St. Louis. So far, so good. The program here is strong, and there are many perks - the low cost of living, the lack of overnight call for psych residents (hallelujah!), and everyone here, for the most part, is very nice. Michigan was great too - they have a very strong program with a good amount of training in general medicine, and they have some very exciting research projects that I could participate in. Exciting (and slightly stressful) times! I will be happy when the match comes in March and all this is settled.

I am finishing up 4 weeks in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). It has been pretty intense. Lots of long hours and very sick patients. One of my patients died last night. I am not cut out to be an intensivist - I prefer those interactions with patients that don't cause huge catecholamine releases. And, generally speaking, I like to know that my patients are going to be alive when I come in the next morning.

On the knitting front, I have been busy. Raul's birthday sweater is nearly finished. And good thing because he turns 30 on November 20th!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shan-Shan! Congrats on the interviews. Sounds like it's going wells so far. Good luck! Happy B-day to Raul! Jason's turning 30 on the 18th, actually. But I didn't knit him a sweater... Take care, Meredith

Shannon said...

Meredith! Hello! Happy birthday to Jason!

grandma lorrel said...

I hope we get to see the finished product on the very handsome model you happen to be sharing an abode with.
Much love to you both.

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