Friday, August 3, 2007

A Very Lovely Wedding

As you may or may not know, my little brother was married last month. Not so little anymore, though, I suppose. He's a total adult now, with a house and a job and a 401K and a fuel efficient, hybrid vehicle. Time goes by so fast...and I was struck with that realization whilst guests were seating themselves and my brother and his groomsmen were lining up for the wedding ceremony. I do not cry at weddings - not that I am not touched by all the sentimentality, but it is just something that I do not do. However, while I was sitting there minutes before my little brother was to be married, I thought back to when we were young - mostly, I thought about the little 4 yo Ryan, always so vigilant in his efforts to beat me at tetherball, and me never letting him win. Yes, what a good big sister, I know. Anyways, the waterworks struck with a vengeance. And my poor brother - I decided in the midst of trying to hold in some torrential sobs that it would be a good idea to run up and give him a quick hug. My apologies, little bro.

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was great fun. Here are a few pictures from the weekend - none of the actual wedding night, though, not sure what happened to our camera..

The parents and the Grandpa poolside:

Three generations, with my mom and the famous Grandma L.

Self portrait by my lovely husband

Breakfast at IHOP with my grandma and brother (who gave the most excellent best man toast!)

House painting update - all is well. We are primering. Pictures soon!


homeinkabul said...

Awww, that's so sweet. Nice to see your family! Congrats on Ryan's wedding. I'm getting a little teary-eyed too, I remember seeing him when we were in college and NOW HE'S MARRIED! And much more adult than I am, it sounds like :)

I came across a blog for Raymond to look at but now I can't find it. I'll try to find it again and email the link to you.

Good to hear that y'all are 'primer-ing' - it's easier after that point.

I'm debating between learning how to knit or how to sew better...what do you think?

Shannon said...

HiK - hello! I know, Ryan seems to be much more adult than most of us. Oh, to have it all so together at age 24... And you're right, primering is much easier! Today it is raining, so we are forced to take a break and go watch Bourne Ultimatum. Yahoo! And sewing vs. knitting....well, you have been talking about wanting to learn to sew for quite a while. I would start there. And pick up knitting when you need a break from sewing. I have actually found the ability to sew to be very useful - you can make curtains and chair covers and all sorts of other domesticities. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

your husband looks like a hottie! (anonymous raul)

homeinkabul said...

I went to Border's and they were selling "Knitting, the Easy Way" for only $4. I bought it on a whim and then purchased knitting needles (yellow glitter needles, quite sassy) and yarn. My mom taught me a basic knit stitch this morning. I'm practicing now. I'll keep you updated, it's slow going so far but I hope I improve enough to make something. :)

Ryan said...

You're the best sister a little guy could ask for. It also helps that you married such a nice piece of eye candy too. Love you Shan-Shan.
p.s. What's a cu-coo?

grandma lorrel said...

Great pictures Shannon, was hoping you guys would get some on. Raul promised to have one of me dancing, what happened, did I break your camera or what? Oops. Nice how you wrote of Ryan's wedding and your love for him, it was an awesome event. Loved seeing part of my family anyway.

Shannon said...

Grandma - I will look into the dancing photos. I know that we have videos of us dancing - Raul took them with his smartphone. They're weird to watch though - no music. Looks like I am having a seizure of sorts out on the dance floor.

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