Saturday, August 11, 2007

Shannon's Slipper Shop is closed for the season

So, I was thinking back - this is my 10th pair of felted clogs. I was quite excited to make the first pair - a gift for my mother, and my first truly wearable finished object (scarves and hats excluded.) That excitement fueled the production of pairs #2 through #8. With the last two, the enthusiasm has waned a bit, and I need a bit of a break from the pattern. Though, I must say they make good gifts and are easy to make.

Anyways, you might remember that I made a red pair with fluffy trim for Hilary. They were well received, and she recently likened them to these:


So, when I heard HiK was going to be heading back to Afghanistan for another round of good works, I immediately thought the above footwear would make for the most appropriate gift. However, recent events have resulted in a condition that predisposes my friend to intolerance of cold climates. So, unfortunately, the above footwear with exposed toes and heels would not be practical. Enter felted clog version of high heeled feathered mule! So, HiK, you are getting possibly the very last pair of my felted clogs (unless one of my immediate family members call me out of retirement) to keep your tootsies warm during the cold months. Wear them in good health and happiness! And belated happy birthday!

Pictures of slippers:

Cute picture of dog wearing slippers:


homeinkabul said...

I am SO excited! They are so cute and sassy. I love that red too. I will be checking my mailbox obsessively this week.


grandma lorrel said...

Guy, I'm surely glad I have my pair of green ones. They are truly warm and I'm sure they will be on my feet a lot this coming winter. I can understand your getting tired of doing the same old stuff but the red ones have that cute yarn around where the foot slips in. Very neat indeed. You are so good with words Shannon. You amaze me. Much love.

homeinkabul said...

Got the slippers, they're great. Thank you!

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