Wednesday, August 8, 2007

House Painting

Photo documentation!

At the beginning:

Dad on a ladder:

Raul on a ladder with Raymond providing ladder stability:

As these projects usually go, it was a huge job - much too big to finish in 4 days and much too big for me to finish on my own. As of now, two sides of the house have been primered and painted. The other two sides required significantly more scraping - which I am happy say was finished yesterday by a very nice young man that does this sort of thing professionally. Given the rain we are currently experiencing, painting may be finished today or sometime this week. I get to put all the trim paint on when the painters finish putting the main color on the house. So, not quite done but in the home stretch, sort of.

The decision to hire painters to finish the job was made the day my dad returned to California (sorry Dad.) And after that, Raymond and I were able to enjoy a few days of leisure - our days were spent in search of good food and air conditioned havens to escape the heat. Coffee houses were frequent haunts given that such establishments could satisfy both of our aforementioned needs.

There has been knitting! I have another FO to show you! Vacation is grand.

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grandma lorrel said...

How great that you hired someone to finish the paint job. I'm happy that you were able to spend time with Raymond. It sounds like it must be very hot there so it must have been difficult to be out working on the house during the heat of the day.

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