Saturday, August 25, 2007

long time no blog

I have been busy. Here is a recap of recent weeks in pictures:

First, I was home and it was hot - heat index 110 degrees. So, of course, I cranked up the oven and made a pie:

And no worries - I did not forget to update you on the house painting project. It is still ongoing. Below you will find photo documentation of serious injuries sustained during the grand home improvement effort:

Pobrecito Raulito, I know. It involved a 16' lap siding plank being dropped directly onto his great toe. Blood under the toenail is bad - it has no place to go, so it accumulates under the nail and causes extreme pain. For several days after the injury, Raul occupied a semi-permanent position on the couch with leg elevated. He would rise only to hop to the bathroom. I was in charge of all domestic endeavors during that time, and between the hobbled husband and a dog with sudden attacks of GI distress (I will spare you the details except to say that the most memorable event necessitated cleaning of the walls), I was quite happy when the time came for vacation to end and me to return to the hospital. Not to say that I would not happily wash every dish my husband uses while he is incapacitated, but both his recovery and a reprieve from the domestic duties were a welcome relief. Oh - and Raul ended up having to have two small holes cauterized in his toenail to let out the blood. All is well now. No worries.

And we went and did some campaigning with Physicians for a National Health Program at a local rally attended by leading candidates from the Democratic party. It was interesting to hear them speak, and I am hopeful for the next election. Here is a picture of Raul with some new friends he made at the rally:

I have knitting to show you. Maybe tomorrow.


J.Po said...

WOW! Those candidate cut-outs are HI-larious! But where's Obama? B.O. (the senator, not the body smell) would be my favorite cardboard candidate, after Kucinich and Gravel (both hilariously unelectable).

grandma lorrel said...

That pie looks good enough to eat, is it cherry? That has to be one of my favorites, especially with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Yum, Yum. Sorry about the sore toe Raul, I know that hurts sooo much. I recently had one of those frozen things you put in coolers drop on one of my toes, I was so lucky because it just barely caught the very end of the toe next to my big toe. Didn't hurt my walking around the BYU campus last week though. Hope it is getting much better. I suppose you will lose your toenail eventually right? Thank you for your entries to your blog Shan Shan, they are always so much fun for me to read. I love you.

Shannon said...

JPo - BO is a favorite of ours as well, and his cardboard cutout was positioned on the other side of the PHNP info table. And Raul is right there with you in the undying love for Kucinich department. It is a shame that he is so very unelectable - he's awesome.

GLo - It's a strawberry pie. And we ate it ala mode with some lemon sorbet. It was good. Glad to hear that no falling cooler blocks slowed you down during Ed week. And it is looking like Raul will lose the toenail, but there is still hope. Love you!

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