Monday, May 14, 2007


Updated photos of Glee. I am undecided as to whether to make the medium or large. This version (lifted from a blog that I lurk on occasion) was a medium and it turned out a little small. I took mine off the needles today and put it on scrap yarn to try it on and evaluate the fit, and I still have no idea. I guess I will compare the size to another raglan style shirt I have. I'll let you know.

Glee from the front:

Glee from the side:

Glee from the back:

Let me tell you, figuring out how to work the self-timer button on the camera was my big accomplishment for the day. Raul normally helps me out with all things relating to technology, but alas, he is still in Council Bluffs, IA finishing up his Family Med rotation. I also managed to master the crop photo feature, thus saving you from viewing my post-call visage. For those of you unawares of the horrors of call - I was in the hospital from 8am Sunday to 12pm today. It was a good time, for sure. I actually got 6 or so hours of sleep which is a good amount for a call night. We were busy during the day, though.

It's kind of funny - several of the surgical rotations have suture clinics for the students where you have the opportunity to practice your stitch technique on a pig's foot (previously removed from the pig, of course.) Not to toot my own horn, but I was feeling pretty good about doing a little simple interrupted and a little vertical mattress on the aforementioned pig's foot. I guess I had never really planned on putting those stitches into a living human, but that's what I did last night. A patient was involved in a bike vs. car, and he had some pretty gnarly facial lacerations. No brain injuries fortunately, but he did have a few broken bones. Here at the hosptial, if you have a serious facial lac, you call ENT (otolaryngology) to repair it. So, I found myself cleaning out and helping repair some serious facial lacs. The ENT resident said my stitch technique was pretty good (qualified, of course, with the "for a third year medical student.") Good thing for all those pigs feet. Only one more week left on Oto - I'm done on Friday. Hallelujah.

Happy Monday!

NB - It was my little b's 24th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday Ryan. It's funny how fast time goes. Seems like just yesterday, we were in the backyard playing tetherball. Sorry about never letting you win. Love you!


Ryan said...

Never let me win? I remember it as always letting you win. I would swallow my pride, let you win, and then go punch Raymond. It was a vicious cycle.

Lolly said...

Actually, my Glee fits really well, not really too small at all. I made it in that size because I know the yarn will ease and stretch. The yarn you are using is much different. I like the green :)

No need to lurk on my blog - you can always say hello!

Grandma Lorrel said...

Hmmmmm. I wonder what stich they used on me. Seems like there was a little more material on one side than the other, kinda puckered for a time. Guess in the long run it doesn't matter. Kinda interesting, all the incision scars one can accumulate.
Hey, your glee looks awesome. Love ya,

J.Po said...

Hey now sweet c's! It's J.Po here, and I'm going to link you off of my blog, if that's okay.

You impress me with your amazing projects!! Wowzers!!

Shannon said...

J.Po - link away! And I will link to yours, if you don't mind. You and PHers went camping? So jealous! Instead of camping trips in the EB, I was looking in ears and up noses at the VA. Where did I go wrong?

Grandma - could you see thread in your stitches? I think for those kind of surgeries they usually close with some deep stitches and then use a hidden stitch to close the skin. I am sorry to hear that it puckered - maybe it will flatten with time. I love you!!

J.Po said...

Oh man, camping sounds like WAY MORE FUN than things such as trach butter. That is truly the most disgusting thing I've heard in a while. I'll give you more tales of camping after our Memorial Day trip to a spot near big sur. It's never complete without you, but we forge on anyway.

I'm so glad you have a blog! I can keep up with you, since I'm so terrible about phone calls and all other forms of communication.

And please, link link link!

grandma lorrel said...

Shannon I was talking about the wire they have holding my chest together, that's what shows up in the xray. It looks like a spring that has sprung if you know what I mean.
Love you.

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