Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Very Own Jordana Paige!

So, this local yarn store was having a sale. I stopped by to pick up some yarn for a gift for a friend, and while there, Raul pointed out that the long coveted Jordana Paige knitting bags were on sale, too. So, as I mentioned in a previous post, we are on a total student budget, but really, these are Jordana Paige bags I'm talking about - on sale! Raul convinced me that I needed one, and we decided to forgo our weekly dinner date out, so I could get the bag. Have I mentioned that he's a keeper?

Here are gratuitous photos of my new bag:

View of bag interior - check out all the cool pockets and clippy things and a little zippered notions bag (what are notions? small knitting tools like stitch markers, tapestry needles, small scissors and such):

View of bag exterior:

Me with bag:

Happy Memorial Day weekend! And happy Mule Days to the family in Bishop - did any of you brave the parade? Unlike the majority of our fellow Americans, we're not driving to any destination this weekend. I have to go into the hospital for rounds Sunday morning, but I have Saturday and Monday off. I am currently doing a rotation in Neurology, and I am on the stroke team. Prior to this experience, I really did not have an adequate appreciation of how sudden and devastating strokes can be. It is also equally amazing how quickly some patients improve. Just over the course of this week, I have seen a couple people make miraculous recoveries - a patient may be unresponsive on admission, but a few days later, the swelling in their brain has had time to resolve and suddenly they are alert and talking. It is really quite inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
Great bag for all the beautiful things you knit. Enjoy!!
I always learn something new and interesting reading your blogs. Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend!

grandma lorrel said...

I had to go to Lancaster so I missed the parade this year but grandpa saw it. Remember the year you were here and we sat in someone's chair across from 31 flavors the night before and waved to the cars going by as we were eating our icecream? A fun memory and I thought about it as I saw the chairs all lined up the day before the parade. Love you and your new bag. Golly, lots of information with this blog.

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