Saturday, May 5, 2007

It smells like updog in here

So, a friend's 4 year old daughter told me this joke -
Maria: It smells like updog in here.
Shannon: What's updog?
Maria: Not much, what's up with you?

It smells like updog in my house. I had forgotten that dogs totally smell. Flynn's a good boy too and doesn't generally roll in dirty or smelly stuff, but he still smells. And sheds like crazy - the couches are covered in short little black hairs. He's been confined to the living room and Greta's had roam of the rest of the house. And it probably didn't help that this is what we did for the latter part of last week:

I had to study - too busy to vacuum all the black hair off the couch or to wash the dog or to pick up the thousand pieces of cat food that were scattered all over the basement stairs when Greta knocked over her food dish running away from the dog. Enter wonderful husband to the rescue. Raul is doing a rotation in Council Bluffs, IA right now in Family Medicine, and he was able to come home for the weekend last Thursday night because his preceptor had to travel to Vegas to give a lecture for a pharm company. So, Thursday night, he helped me study for my test the next am. On Friday, I took my exam (hard!) and then at Raul's suggestion, I went and got a pedicure with a friend. While I was out, he totally cleaned and vacuumed the house. He's a keeper.

In knitting news, Glee is near the point where the sleeves separate and I start knitting the body. I've been dying to knit socks lately, for some reason. I'm going to start a pair tonight. Pictures to come!
PS - Grandmas are the best. Recent contributions to the yarn stash from the grandmas.

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