Monday, April 28, 2008

Wild Animal Kingdom

So, the next two weeks will be weeks of increased productivity. I have a very limited amount of time to get everything done that I want to get done before I move across the country and start residency (when I will begin working 60-80 hours per week, yay!)

Increased productivity started yesterday morning, when I awoke early and dyed some yarn.

The red/orange stuff was undyed superwash sock yarn that I had purchased to make some knee high stockings. I decided that I will not need wool knee-high stockings in LA, so the yarn became a very lovely red-pink-orange variegated yarn that will likely become some socks for me. I am greedy. The blue-green number is more of the undyed Fisherman's Wool from my grandma's stash, and like the previous skeins, this yarn will also likely become a soaker (or two.)

Then Raul made french toast (delicious!) And then the cat brought a bird inside the house. This was not so fun. The bird was still alive, and Greta let it loose inside the house and proceeded to chase it all around. It flew down in the basement, and there it stayed until Raul was finally able to gently coax it back up the basement stairs and out the door. Just as the bird flew out, this dog tried to run in:

He was a good dog and obviously belonged to someone. Raul put a collar and leash on him and fed him and gave him water. What a keeper. The dog turned out to belong to a guy a couple of houses down. It was quite a day.

In other exciting news, I finally finished my storm water shawl! This was my first foray into lace and shawls and blocking. Blocking is a serious endeavor, that involved approximately one million pins and a t-square. We knitters mean business. The shawl is still drying, so I will post pictures tomorrow, but here are some photos of the very tedious blocking process.

I told you a t-square was involved!


Anonymous said...

I hate it when birds get in the house. Except here, the birds fly in and fly up into the attic through a hole in the ceiling. I don't know how they get out again (they must, since they go all the time), but it stresses me out.

I'm so happy that you are moving to L.A. and don't worry, the residency will be over before you know it! Remember to send me your new address!

Raul said...

That chocolate lab looks so adorable (and tasty!). Can we keep him?

J.Po said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm about 1/3rd of the way through a lace shawl and now I'm wondering if I'll have to go through this blocking hell at the end. Congrats on completion! Things with such small stitches take so long to finish. It's no small feat!

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