Monday, April 7, 2008


Last Sunday we had an open house, and I had to occupy myself outside of my residence for 2 hours. I had some grand ambitions for that time away from home - I had decided that I would dye some yarn. One of my grandmas had passed on to me a dozen skeins of undyed Fisherman's Yarn, and I had been reading up on non-toxic dying methods. I went to the grocery store, stocked up on Koolaid and food coloring, and on Sunday, I went to town.

Using this tutorial, I dyed 2 skeins using the hot pour crockpot method and I dyed the other 2 using the cold pour/oven-baked method. It was much more labor intensive than I had imagined, but I was quite impressed with the finished products. Here is a photo of the skeins wound into cakes:

More details to follow.

In other news, Raul and I have found a place to live in LA (thanks again for all the help, Dad.) What an ordeal. Now we can move onto the next item on the list (i.e. selling car, arranging move, packing, etc.) Fun times. I am getting super stressed, people. Today, I had a killer tension headache that was alleviated only by NSAIDS, allergy meds and a nap. I think stress is in the air - even the cat and dog seem a little on edge. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the cat was trapped in the garage the night before last. She was rescued the next morning when I heard her crying. Apparently, that night in the garage caused her to have some sort of acute stress reaction or separation anxiety or something because last night, she insisted in sleeping on my neck - like right on my trachea. Normally, she is the most unaffectionate cat - which is fine by me, given my allergies and difficulty breathing with heavy cat exposure. It is very uncomfortable to have a cat on the neck whilst trying to sleep. When I kicked her out of the room, she flung herself at the door and did some frenzied door-clawing while making some ear-piercing yowls. So, 'cat on neck' was the lesser of two evils. I'm hoping for a better night tonight. If not, Greta might be getting some benzos.

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Lorrel said...

I can imagine how stressed you are ShanShan. So sorry for you and Raul. That string/yarn is amazing. You will have to tell me the process sometime. I'm very happy that you have a place to move into. I was concerned but figured your dad would be able to help you. Did Mary call you? She was willing to let you stay in their guest room until you found a place. Are you having a moving company move you or are you going to do it by yourselves? Much love.

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