Friday, April 18, 2008

Button Haul

The thrift store down the street had a big sale today - everything 50% off. I really like this thrift store. Raul thinks it is filled with garbage, but I think it is filled with treasures. I scored handfuls of delightful buttons for bargain prices. Check them out:

I have no idea what I am going to do with all these buttons, but I am excited to have them.

I am actually enjoying my rotation. And in a very un-Shannon-like turn of events, I opted not to call out sick to my rotation today, and I went in and scrubbed into the last surgery of my long and distinguished medical student career. It was a bladder cancer case - they took out the bladder, prostate and did some lymph node dissection, and then they hooked the ureters (tubes that drain urine from the kidneys to the bladder) into a piece of intestine that they'd sectioned off, and then hooked the other end of that segment of bowel up to drain to a bag that hangs on the outside of the stomach.

Yay for the weekend and sleeping in past 4:30am!!


Lorrel said...

The socks look perfect to me and I'm sure they are. Sounds like you took extra pains with them. On your rotation and that surgery you mentioned, did you just watch or were you able to help some. Golly, gee, you are learning so much. Glad you have two days to sleep past 4:30. You are even up earlier than my 5:00 a.m. I look forward to weekends also. 6:00 is sometimes sleeping in for me. :-)
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice buttons, especially the blue buttons. I really like the thrift store - I'm looking forward to thrift store shopping. you can find really cute things there.

Shannon said...

Grandma - I did lots of watching for that surgery, but I was scrubbed in (in sterile dress), so I could get right up there and had a good view. Yes, sleeping in until 6am sounds luxurious now.

HiK - So, I must admit that I harbor hope that you may lead a life of leisure once you're back stateside. Think of all the fun that could be had - learning how to knit and to sew and thrift store shopping. Sublime. You know, they offer debt repayment for physicians in specialties if they practice for some time in an underserved area. Seems like they should do that for lawyers - if you're providing legal aid to refugees or helping Afghanistan rebuild, you should get some sort of loan repayment. Then you could do good work and have more time to craft!

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