Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scarves and Such

Greetings from the hot then cold then hot then stormy midwest! Oh weather - you make life so exciting.

So, I am recently returned from a visit to Raul up in Minneapolis. A very beautiful city. With a very beautiful Costco, and that Trader Joe's is really something to write home about. And the Mall of America...that was a little too much (Note from Raul: I wanted to ride the rides, but alas, there was no time). Oh, the wonders of the big city.

Now - onto knitting! No, I have not finished any projects, but I have started some new ones!

Hairy green scarf (a Christmas gift for a loved one that has previously enthused a love of hairy scarves and the color green.)

Chevron scarf - I may keep this one for myself. I am really liking it, but if my current pattern holds and I keep if for myself, I may be dooming this scarf to the pile of never finished objects. Sad. Anyways - what do you think of the color combo? Is it too much like your mom's 1970s kitchen?

Re: the residency application process (just because this is such a confusing and bizarre practice to those who have not recently suffered through nearly four years of medical school), I offer this update - I have a few interviews scheduled. No, none of the programs from CA have contacted me, yet, but it is still early in the game. Rest assured.

Love to you all! And welcome back to my globetrotting Grandma!


grandma lorrel said...

Hey, I love the color combinations in YOUR scarf. Finish it, you may be needing it sooner than you think. You are so awesome but I know I've told you that many times before. Do you get tired of hearing it? I will be sure and bring the Oahu pictures at Thanksgiving. Amanda ask for all my recipes and she is thinking of cooking everything at her mom's house. I say more power to her.
I love you Shannon.

J.Po said...

I LOVE Minneapolis. I secretly want to move there some day. It has everything a girl wants out of a city, while still feeling like a small town in the midwest. Did you go to Uptown? The MOA was THE big thing when I started going to college in MN and we'd take a bus up there from time to time. That place is totally out of control.

Shannon said...

Grandma - thank you for your kind words. I love you, too!

Po - We did go uptown. We stayed downtown one night and we also checked out the area near Lake o the Isles (not sure if I spelled that one right). Beautiful city!

J.Po said...

Okay ShanShan,

I'm writing here b/c I don't think my friend will read it. I'm making a scientist friend of mine a scarf and I'm doing a cable pattern of a DNA double helix. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! I'm finding that cabling is not that hard.

After christmas, I'll post a pic!

Shannon said...

JPo - that is super cool! I cannot wait to see it!

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