Sunday, September 23, 2007

Much Better

This weekend I had a most excellent surprise - an unexpected visit from my favorite of favorites:

(He's holding a blenderful of homemade smoothies, dee-licious)

There was lots of dogwalking, handholding and happiness this weekend. This is his last week away, and I will be glad when he comes home for good.

Also much better is the outward appearance of our house. Here is evidence:

Home with old, peeling paint and gross, rusted, spider-web filled window awnings:

And here is same home after thorough peeling and several coats of new paint:

And here's the garage. For those of you that saw it pre-painting, can you believe that's the same door?

Quite a marked improvement, no? I still have some work to do (like paint the front door and pick up the 10 million paint chips that are scattered around the house), but it feels good to have the bulk of this project behind me. Also, it's quite nice to walk/drive up to a pretty house covered in non-peeling paint at the end of each day.

So, I have been thinking about knitting pretty much all the time, lately. It's an exciting life, I know. I bought some yarn this weekend to make Raul the Cobblestone Pullover (if you access the link, scroll all the way down.) As much as I might complain, I have more free time now than I have had in several years. And I have only 2 more rotations to go this semester - so most of November and all of December will be devoted to residency interviews and knitting and hanging out! Excellent!!


grandma lorrel said...

I can imagine how happy you were with the wonderful surprise of having that handsome man in your house again. I bet that was such a mood-lifter for you. So nice seeing your house and you can tell how nice it looks now with the fresh paint. Winter will be upon us soon so you just knit away girl! I know whatever you make is going to be very awesome. I can't wait until Christmas myself.....
I love you bunches.

David said...

Hey Sweetie,
I am happy and pleased that you and Raul have such a loving relationship.
The house and garage look great. Thank you for doing a wonderful job.
Have a great week,
I love you.

homeinkabul said...

The weather is getting colder and I am looking forward to pulling out my sassy red slippers!!

Glad that Raul came in for a visit - i love happy surprises!

I haven't pulled out my knitting needles & yarn yet but as always, you inspire me...

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