Sunday, June 24, 2007

Second Sock Syndrome

Casting on and finishing the first sock of a pair is always exciting - it is fun to see both the pattern progress and how the yarn will knit up as the first sock comes into being. However, with sock #2, all that is old news. So, second sock syndrome refers to the waning enthusiasm I feel when it comes time to knit up sock #2. I thought I might avoid the second sock blahs by knitting three different socks at once - well, not at once, really - but knitting sock #1 for three pairs in succession. This way, sufficient time will pass between the knitting of socks #1 and #2 for any given pair providing me with an opportunity to muster the enthusiasm and energy necessary to knit the same pattern again. Clear as mud?

Anyways - sock pair #1 was the Monkey sock mentioned in a previous entry.

Sock pair #2 is Breeze from the latest edition of Knitty.

Sock pair #3 is a Jaywalker from Grumperina.

The first sock of the pair is done for the Monkey socks and for Breeze. The first Jaywalker is about halfway done.

Am I insane? Yes, that is a definite possibility.


J.Po said...

You knitting is extremely inspiring! So much so that I've started knitting my first sweater. I'm not sure it will actually fit, but I'm giving it my best shot. Check my blog for updates!

J.Po said...

Uh...make that "your knitting"...

Grandma Lorrel said...

Love those socks you are doing. Is it hard to get them exactly alike in length and all. I suppose you have that all figured out. Your dad's slippers look awesome. I love you.

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