Sunday, June 24, 2007

Go Angels

3 entries in one day! Vacation ends tomorrow, and I did not want to miss the opportunity to show you the finished version of my dad's birthday slippers. He was kind enough to take some photos of the L.A. Angel's themed slippers on his feet, and here they are for your viewing pleasure:


David said...

Hi Sweetie,

Thank you again for the wonderful and comfortable Angle’s color slippers, I love them very much.

Looks like Wisconsin was beautiful and fun, looks like everyone was enjoying themselves.

I love you,


Ryan said...

Oh, those are Dad's feet. For a second there, I thought you knitted some slippers for Ronald McDonald and he wore them to an Angels charity event.

homeinkabul said...

Hey, they turned out great. It's so cool to see you turn a blob of yarn into something useful and lovely.

Now I want to learn...Hmmm. :)

towwas said...

Omg. I am so jealous of your knitting skilz, complete stranger. (I'm a friend of J.Po's.) *I* want to make fuzzy slippers, too!!

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