Monday, June 18, 2007

Currant Jelly

Be forewarned - post is full of gross and graphic details. It is not for the squeamish, but I had always hoped that I would one day get to use the word 'hematochezia' in a post.

Two posts in two is good. Though today we did have some of the bad kind of excitement. Necessary background information - as mentioned previously, Raul and I traveled out of town to take Step 2 CS. And a friend was gracious enough to watch Flynn while we were away. While staying at our friend's house, Flynn ate half of his dog bed. We think he did this because there was a big storm passing through and he was frightened. And he seriously ate half the bed - the cloth cover, the protective lining and the filler cedar chips. It caused significant vomiting for a day or two, and then he was fine. Until yesterday - when he threw up more cedar chips and some other dog bed remnants. Worrisome, yes, and gross, but he was acting normal, so we decided not to be too concerned. While walking him this morning, I stood to watch him have a bowel movement as I normally do (evidence to support previous claims that I lead a very exciting life), and I was quite dismayed to see Flynn produce blood and cedar chips per rectum. And me without my cell phone. I had a small panic attack. And then being the diligent dog parent and medical student that I am, I sprang into action. I formulated a differential diagnosis whilst retrieving a sample of his stool. And then we ran home carrying the bag of aforementioned hematochezia. I eliminated the more serious diagnoses from my list when I had to stop to rest before the dog tired. Anyways, long story, we took Flynn to the vet - the x-ray looks normal, so we think he has a serious case of colitis (inflammation of the large intestine). He has some antibiotics and some special food, so all should be well soon. He does not seem to be in any discomfort - he is such a happy easy going guy. Our camping trip may be delayed by a day, but it is looking like we will all three still be making the trip.

And as promised - knitting!
First up, a Monkey sock in Cherry Tree Hill supersock. Sock #1 is down, and #2 is waiting to be cast on.

Slippers for a friend that just finished law school is studying for the bar (grumpy cat for scale):

Cute dog in my sun hat:


Amanda said...

Poor Flynn, glad to hear he's doing better. Him and Jaxon would make good friends! Will you be bringing him with you for Thanksgiving? Have fun on your camping trip.

homeinkabul said...

I am very happy that you gave us the heads up on the 'gross' post ahead as I was eating breakfast at the time.

But the currant jelly post was not as gross as the trach butter post. I don't think it could be.

Glad to hear that flynn is okay. :)

mlorrel said...

Sorry to hear about Flynn. He loves you guys so much, I'm sure it is very traumatic to be left with someone. Just like a child I guess. Glad to hear he is doing better. Have fun camping.

Sure love ya.

J.Po said... bed.....

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