Saturday, April 21, 2007

Flynn, the newest addition to the E-C family

Meet Flynn -

We're proud parents.

As first-time dog owners, we decided this whole endeavor would be much less stressful if we had all the right accessories. We made our third trip to the local pet shop, Leash on Life, today - now we've got a kennel (see above) snacks, food, toys and helpful handouts for new dog owners galore! Yay us!

Homeinkabul - valid concerns re: Greta. Flynn's been kenneled inside the house and thus far she has been observing him from a distance. We're hopeful.


Grandma Lorrel said...

Flynn looks adorable. Wow, what a nice shiny coat. I know the both of you will enjoy him. I'm sure he and Greta will become good friends. Glad you got him.
Love ya, Grandma

Ryan said...

Flynn reminds me of a young Raymond...stout with wide Flintstone like feet, constant runny nose, but yet very studly.

Amanda said...

Labs are the best dogs. We love our dog and I'm sure you will fall fast in love with Flynn. Congratulations on your new addition!

homeinkabul said...

Flynn is lovely!

Perhaps Flynn will bring out the best in Greta. :)

Shannon said...

Ryan - quite a flattering picture you paint of Raymond per usual. If I remember correctly, you once likened him to a gorilla. And remember that little bear that ran through out campsite in Yosemite? You said he looked like Raymond, only cuter. Pobrecito Raymundo Edmundo.

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