Thursday, April 5, 2007

Getting ready for spring

Another day off today. My team has long call on Saturday, which means no days off Saturday or Sunday, so today is my weekend. All is well with school. The residents on my team changed last week - they rotate monthly, so the residents I started with all moved onto new rotations, and different residents came to the team. The residents I started with were all women, and they were wonderful - very kind and supportive and everyone always seemed to be laughing. The new residents are all men, and honestly, I miss Team Estrogen. Fortunately, the new senior resident is very nice - Raul worked with him on his Internal Medicine rotation and they really hit it off. Raul considers the senior to be a slightly older version of himself, and the senior said that the residents on Raul's team all wore black ribbons to mourn the day that Raul completed the rotation and left the team. Aahh, love.

Last weekend, I spent some time getting ready for spring. After several calls to Grandma L and a consultation from one of her horticulturally inclined friends, I decided to attempt to start seedlings indoors and plant them in the spring. Should this work, I shall be planting impatiens, marigolds, pansies, sweet william, basil, eggplant and zucchini into the ground in 6-8 weeks. If I am unsuccessful, I shall be buying all the aforementioned plants from a local farmers market and planting them around my house in 6-8 weeks. Here is a picture of the seedlings. Raul initially thought it was a photo of brownies in front of an old stereo. No, only trays of soon to be seedlings on top of the stove.

Ryan - who is Frank Grimes, and why would we name a puppy after him?


Ryan said...

He is a character on the Simpsons who worked with Homer, and his son was also a character who tried to kill Homer because of what he did to his father, Frank Grimes Sr...oh forget it.

p.s. what about naming it Side Show Bob?

homeinkabul said...

If I may help Ryan in his explanation.

grandma said...

You sounded excited today with seeing some green. Way to go. I am anxious to see how everything grows. Hopefully you can plant when you are planning to. Way to go Shannon.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the clarification on Frank Grimes homeinkabul and Ryan. Side show bob is too long a name - plus, we'd be getting it from the pound, so it would already have a name. Seems that changing it would be asking for some sort of identity crisis, but if Angelina Jolie can change the name of her 3 year old adopted child, then it shouldn't be too bad, right?

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