Saturday, April 14, 2007


I am knitting a sweater. Here is my progress thus far:

And here is what it is supposed to look like:

This is a sweater that you knit from the top down. The pattern is Glee from Zephyr Style; I have heard it is simple and easy to follow which is good because this is my first sweater. The yarn is Knit Picks Shine Sport (color: grass) knit using size 2's for the ribbing and size 3 needles for the body of the sweater. The only modification I have planned is to make the sleeves longer, so they'll end just before the elbows. I am anticipating that Glee will take me a while - right now my knitting time consists of the 45 minutes I get everyday at the Internal Medicine residents' noon conferences. Aah med school, I love how you suck away all my time.

As a side note, I am home alone this weekend. Sad, yes. Husband E-C has traveled to Ann Arbor, MI to do some research. I plan to catch up on some work, tidy up the large pile of clothes on my floor (though I maintain that large clothes piles are a time saving strategy - you waste no time hanging up your clothes, and they are quickly accessible on the floor when you awake early the morning), lay on the couch for significant periods of time and sleep. Should any of you decide to call me this weekend, I will likely be available. Good times for me.

Happy weekend to all!

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Grandma said...

Wow, I love that sweater. Of course the color is awesome and will look so good on you ShanShan. What a good job you are doing. I'm happy you have a bit of time to just relax. Forget the pile of clothes. :-) Love you so much. Grandma

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