Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Dinner

At the last minute, I was able to trade calls with a co-intern, and Raul and I were able to both have Christmas Day off. Yay!

We made dinner at our house that night. Here's what it looked like:

Hello. I am Christmas Dinner. I would like to say hi to my friend HMMD, who loves to see photos of peoples' dinners on blogs.

We made Cornish Game Hens using this recipe. We do not recommend it. Not sure if the problem was the recipe or with our preparation. Either way - it was a ton of work and not very tasty. The other stuff was way good - mashed parsnips and potates, yams and roasted brussels sprouts. And dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe's for dessert.

The best part was the company.

Hello. We are very good guests. We ate everything (even the hens) and told Shannon and Raul it was delicious!


Anonymous said...

It looks good though. And now I'm hungry at 9:33 a.m.

- a.s.

Ruby Banshee said...

I just made that brussels recipe. So amazing!!! I made the other brussels recipe from Fig & Plum too...the brussels & apple good!

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