Sunday, September 28, 2008


So, I have been busy in my blogging hiatus. I started a new rotation - on geriatric psychiatry, and I am really liking it. I also caught an upper respiratory tract infection, and I spent more than a few days feeling very sorry for myself. No worries - I am on the mend. Sinus irrigations are really where it's at people. No Joke.

I've also been spinning. I took a lesson on my wheel a couple weeks ago, and since that time, I have spun up nearly every bit of roving in my fiber stash. I am learning, and getting a little more proficient with each skein I spin. Here are some photos:

This is my first spinning endeavor. The roving was a wool/donegal wool blend. 8 oz.

I am bulky and will likely be made into a soaker for cloth diapers.

My second attempt at spinning. Merino wool. 8 oz. I have no idea how many yards I have - I suppose I should figure out some way to measure that.

Singles on bobbins.

Awkward photo of plied yarn on niddy noddy.

So many hobbies. So little time.

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Lorrel said...

It looks like you are getting the hang of yarn spinning for sure! Keep up the good work. I'm surely hoping I can get that wool next spring for you to really start from scratch. Have a good week and I'm so happy that you are likin' this rotation. Much love to you both.

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