Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I meant to post this earlier, but well, I've been busy.

On vacation, I spent quality time with the grandmas, and I also went to a small-town county fair. Here is a photo of me enjoying both aforementioned activities:

While at the fair, we ate these:

Hello. I am an Indian Taco and I am delicious. Never tried one? Well then, you haven't really lived.


Lorrel said...

I'm starving and an Indian Taco would be the best right now. :-)
The next best thing, I'm going to Upper Crust with Betty in about a half hour and we will have our usual, we'll split a grilled chicken sandwich and each have a bowl of their tomato bisque soup that we both like so much. Can't wait. I can't remember you taking a picture of the Mexican Taco. They are so yummy. Much love.

homeinkabul said...

I love Indian Tacos! I haven't had them in so long (last time was in South Dakota!)

And now I want a grilled chicken sandwich with tomato bisque sup too.

I'm hungry.

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