Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Dishcloths! In recent months, I have looked around my home and realized that I have accumulated a ton o' stuff, including several large plastic tubs full of yarn. I am attempting to stash bust with my knitting. As I may have mentioned previously, one of my grandmas passed on her stash of cotton dishcloth yarn to me. I made a serious dent in this yarn over the past couple weeks by making these dishcloths:

So, it's not really like these few balls of yarn were really weighing me down, but it feels good to have less stuff. Admittedly, they are not the most attractive bunch, but they are going to occupy the kitchens of good friends that don't mind some ugly dishcloths. Plus there is always hope that they will fade into more attractive color combos with each washing. Continuing with my stash busting theme, I am also going to dig into the long neglected unfinished object bag and get to work on the Indigo Ripples denim skirt and the Storm Water shawl and Glee.

Also, it is with a huge sigh of relief that I announce Raul and I put in a grueling 15 hours of work yesterday and finally got our house ready to show. It was rather alarming to realize that all of our home improvement projects had to be finished by the next morning. It was pretty brutal..lots of painting and cleaning and more painting and more cleaning. The cat and dog were in my cheese the whole time, too. Here is evidence of the cat's involvement on the armrest of our futon:

Translates to "Greta was here" in catspeak.

The house looks really good though. I am glad that we'll get to enjoy it in it's current state of pristine cleanliness before we leave in a few months.

Match Day tomorrow!


Lorrel said...

Was wondering if my name is on one of those dishcloths????? I would love one then I could think of you each time I use it. I forgot to ask you this morning which hospital you will be working in? I know you will put it in your blog soon but am a little impatient I guess and I can't remember if you said where you made the application. Love you guys.

Shannon said...

Of course you can have a dishcloth! One is on its way to you now!
Love you!

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