Monday, March 17, 2008


We successfully matched into residency programs! We find out on Thursday where those residency programs are located. It's done this way so that people that don't match have a chance to scramble into a residency. Sounds stressful, huh?

We've been spending the past weekend (and actually previous months) getting our house ready to sell. We met with a real estate agent yesterday, and though we still have a couple things left to do, we listed the house and will start showing it on Wednesday. What a pain it is to get a house ready! I've been cleaning bathtubs and basements and painting. I have decided that I am incapable of painting without making a complete mess. Paint gets everywhere - including unexpected places like all over my back and in my hair. And all over the dog. Exciting times in the E-C house, I tell you.

Stay tuned for exciting news this Thursday!

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