Monday, January 21, 2008


One half of a pair of socks:

Please note that Raul is posing using the instructions I heard given for foot models in 'America's Top Model'. Doesn't the pose really showcase the sock?

The cuff is entrelac. I have been wanting to try this style of knitting out for a while, and this sock seemed like a good opportunity. It looks complicated, but it's actually pretty easy. I have some plane time coming up (I have one last interview on the west coast this Wednesday), so hopefully its mate will be done by the end of the week.

To maintain consistency, I will now complain about the weather. It is cold! The other day, my pants brushed the door as I was leaving the house, and they froze to the doorknob. That is just not right. Things warmed up a little today - it was a balmy 20 degrees. Thank goodness for the heat wave.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sock Shannon, never stop being amazed at your talent!
Great pose Benny!
Love you both. Keep warm, brrrr!!

Lorrel said...

Wow, that is some sock. Love it. I wear a pair you made me to bed every night and I don't even have to experience the cold you are having to deal with. So sorry, hey you are California bound after graduation right?????? Much nicer weather. Your mom said Pismo Beach was totally awesome the other night when I called her. I love you very much. Love that muscle in your leg Raul.

J.Po said...

During my Minnesota days, there was many-a-time when I was headed to the pool for morning swim practice (!!burrr...!!) and I'd arrive at the gym with a nice mound of ice gathered on my scarf from my moist breath. There was one day we were warned our skin would freeze if we were out for more than 2 minutes or something. Sometimes I get sick of living in CA, and then I remember stuff like that.

On another note, everyone at work is saying how *cold* it is today (I think it's 50 degs out or something). They don't know what cold is.

homeinkabul said...

Lovely sock and great posing!

I LOVE America's Next Top Model. I miss it so much...

It's negative 14 degrees here in Kabul. No central heating. Sigh.

Ryan said...

I was gonna say Shannon...I know it's cold and you probably wear pants everyday but you still need to shave your legs. So you can imagine I was pleased to read that it was Raul's leg...actually I disappointed myself that I wasn't able to spot those sexy walking sticks right away though.

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