Saturday, July 7, 2007

Not much new

So, all continues to go well. The patients on the unit I am currently on continue to be interesting. I have seen several patients in acute alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal. That is an interesting and frightening situation.

I have been diligently working on that shawl, but as shawls go, the picture I could take now would look exactly like the picture I posted last week - only a tad longer. Here are some random photos that make me happy:

The cat.

A lily from our garden. The rest of the yard is a sad state of affairs, but this lily is nice.


J.Po said...

Gretta looks so incredibly innocent basking in the sun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my,what a beautiful lily. Do you have more than one plant? Amanda brought over a vase full of lilies like that only a different color that were left over from the wedding. They last for a long time. Greta is a very content kitty.
Much love to ya,
grandma lorrel

Shannon said...

Jpo - Greta has actually become more social and much less homicidal since the addition of Flynn to our family. She avoids him, and since he's always with us, I believe that she has become attention starved. She now lets strangers and a friend's small children (brave friend, i know) pet her. Will wonders ever cease!

Grandma - we planted about 10 lilies, and I think about 6 survived. They're in a shady part of the yard, too. They're beautiful.

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