Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mouse in my house. Oh my!

My father-in-law was here last weekend. He told us a story about how one morning, the dog and the cat had tag teamed to corner a small mouse in the house. It seemed that this story was intended to be endearing - how cute that the dog and the cat would cooperate, brought together by their mutual desire to stalk small rodents. Not so - this story meant that I had a mouse in my house, and the teller was unable to provide me with key information - where did the mouse go? is it still alive and in my house? Tonight, my questions were answered. Raul and I awoke from an afternoon nap to the sound of the dog attempting to squeeze himself in to the 3" wide space in between the bathroom vanity and the wall. He'd again cornered the mouse. After wondering what to do, I called the keeper of all answers, my grandparents, who suggested that we roust the mouse with a broom. I will spare you the details of what followed, but I will say that Raul is a prince. He handled the whole situation while I hid in the bedroom with my ears plugged.

Take home points: if you have sudden onset, substernal crushing chest pain or a focal neurologic deficit, I'm your woman. If you have a mouse in your house, call someone else. And Raul is a prince.


Ryan said...

Mice can be nice
But to me they are scary and harry
So if I see a mouse in my house
You better believe that Ryan will by cryin'

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

Cryin' Ryan - I appreciate the sympathy.

Raymond said...

My knuckle-headed brother thinks hairy is harry,
He will soon be a teacher, parents should be wary!
For this spelling is in English language defiance,
It's a good thing Ryan will be a teacher of science.

grandma lorrel said...

I'm so happy that Raul got that critter. How did the getting it out of the house go? I say your dog deserves a special treat. No critter is to invade her territory, no siree. And where was Miss Greta? Your two brothers are so very funny. I can't wait to hear the toast Raymond.

Hik said...

I've jumped on couches (with company present) to avoid mice. Yay for Raul!

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